Our Animal Hospital

sitter2VENTANA ANIMAL CLINIC is a full service animal hospital which can provide most of the services your pets will need. We have state of the art laboratory equipment, we use the latest anesthetic techniques, and provide multiple options to manage chronic pain in your older pets.

Our veterinary professionals examine and advise you on your pet’s health status and needs. We provide services such as vaccinations, blood testing, dentistry, surgery, microchipping, and health certificates.

We are equipped to handle your pet for overnight stays in our animal hospital, as in the case of serious medical conditions or post-op surgeries.

Our veterinarians provide surgical services for the more common ovariohysterectomy (spay) and neuter procedures as well as traumatic injuries, fractures, skin wounds, lacerations and exploratory surgery. Severely traumatized tissue such as toes or tail may require amputation. Corrective soft tissue surgeries include repair of congenital defects and tumor removal. Emergency surgical procedures can include urinary obstruction, intestinal foreign bodies or splenic rupture.

Periodontal disease is the most common disease of adult dogs and cats. The chronic infection associated with periodontal disease can lead to heart or kidney disease and 90% of dogs and 70 % of cats have periodontal disease. To help prevent periodontal disease our animal hospital recommends routine teeth cleaning once a year. To accomplish this correctly a general anesthesia must be provided for each pet patient to clean the plaque and dental debris under the gum line. We have digital x-ray capability to determine if further disease is occurring under the gum line. We use local anesthetic blocks during the procedure followed by systemic analgesics to prevent pain associated with these dental procedures.

In our animal hospital we have the capability of doing laboratory diagnostics to help determine if your pet has underlying kidney, liver or pancreatic disease. The state of the art equipment also will allow us to understand the condition of the of other factors occurring in the blood, anemia, the amount of proteins being produced by the liver and if there is an ongoing infection or if your pet is responding to a potential parasite infection.

Our animal hospital has the latest digital radiography equipment, to take both full body radiographs and dental images. We can provide the diagnosis for hip dysplasia as early as 6 months of age using the PennHip technique. Traditional OFA certification of hips and elbows is also available at 2 years of age.

We recommend annual exams for your bird. From a small sample of blood we can determine if there is an infection or trouble with the kidneys or liver. We routinely see other pocket pets such as hamsters, gerbils and also rabbits. Spring time when the turtles and tortoises emerge from hibernation is a great time to bring them in, get a weight and examine them for any upper respiratory disease. Our lizard and snake friends often do not eat well during the winter months usually due to lower temperatures in their habitat.

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