Vets in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho

Linda Contos, DVM, MPH


Special interests are: BIRDS, (Avian Medicine), THERAPY DOGS, SERVICE DOGS, AGILITY dog training, and international travel.

She has a THERAPY DOG, “Kronk”, and as a therapy dog team they go to schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

She has been practicing in New Mexico since 1989. After graduating from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, she worked in an avian specialty clinic, where she advanced her knowledge of birds. So in addition to working with dogs and cats, she has a special interest in exotic animals such as birds, ferrets, reptiles, rodents and llamas.

While her son was young, she worked at the University of New Mexico part time as their Laboratory Animal Veterinarian, and received a Masters Degree in Public Health. More recently she has taught veterinary technician classes at the CNM Veterinary Technology Program. Her home is populated with 5 llamas, 3 dogs, 3 birds, a husband and son.

John Heidrich, PhD, DVM


He recently spent a year in Cambodia teaching veterinarians and technicians so that they can improve their medical skills.

His passion is to find the best care for all animals through educating students.

He has strong surgical interest in orthopedics and the treatment of chronic pain. Besides his interest in pain management of your pet, he has been involved with studies of how diseases can be transmitted between animals and people as well as from people to animals.

He has spent his working vacations over the past 15 years trapping wild cynomologous monkeys in Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Because of his international interests he has spearheaded the WORLDWIDE PEN PALS program, linking Albuquerque area schools with those abroad, in encouraging literacy and writing and international awareness in school children. Countries involved in this pen pal program are Cambodia, Guatemala, Tanzania, Malawi, Papua New Guinea and more to come.

Dr. Heidrich was instrumental in the start up of the veterinary technician program at CNM and loves having students in the clinic. We want to share with students our lifelong commitment of providing the best care, as a member of your health care team for your pet.

Healthcare Team

PT is from Houston, Texas. She moved to New Mexico in 1996 and has been working with Dr. Contos and Dr. Heidrich for 19 years as Head Technician. She has been a vet tech for over 33 years. She never thought about being a vet tech, it just came naturally. She loves it, especially surgery. She has 1 dog, Storm, 1 cat, Bartta, and is looking to adopt another dog soon. She loves camping and fishing with her husband and family.

PT - team member of Ventana Animal Hospital in Albuquerque
Monique is an Albuquerque native who grew up on a farm. She has always wanted to help animals. In 2004, she attended Pima Medical Institute and before she graduated as a Veterinary Assistant, she was recruited by Dr. Contos and Dr. Heidrich. When Monique isn’t wrestling alligators at work, she is at home with her family and mini zoo which includes a toddler, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a bird, 2 goats, and a horse. She also enjoys religious studies, extraterrestrial topics, and formula one racing.

Monique - team member of Ventana Animal Hospital in Albuquerque
Victoria Started working at Ventana in 2014. She graduated in 2005 from PIMA Medical Institute as a certified veterinary assistant. She worked with us from 2005-2009, and now is back. In her spare time she enjoys fishing and hunting. At home she stays busy with her son, 2 rescued dogs and 2 rescued cats. She is also fluent in Chihuahua.

Victoria - team member of Ventana Animal Hospital in Albuquerque
Klarissa was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She currently works as a Technician Assistant and is going to school so that she may one day become a veterinarian herself. She first knew she wanted to help animals when her first pet was diagnosed with kidney failure. After that it was her passion to get into vet medicine so that she could help and comfort animals at any time in their lives. Her professional passions are currently going to school and helping her community with the two national honor societies she is in. Currently Klarissa has two lovely cats and two fluffy dogs who all love the staff at Ventana Animal Clinic. In her personal time she often gives guitar lessons and takes time to play several different instruments.

Klarissa - team member of Ventana Animal Hospital in Albuquerque
Karen joined the Ventana team in 2017. She has been a vet tech for 3 years, after graduating from the Brown Mackie veterinary technician program. She grew up loving animals and always had pets. Pursuing a career in the vet medicine field was an obvious choice. She has a passion for exotic pets! At home, Karen has 2 dogs, 1 cat, and (soon-to-be) a husband! Outside of work Karen loves dancing and is part of the dance group Ballet Florkorico, that specializes in traditional Mexican dance.

Karen - team member of Ventana Animal Hospital in Albuquerque

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